Meet our Team

Tom is our Director of New Business. His title says it all. Tom has spent nearly 15 years in the Non-Profit industry including 10 years in associations. His industry knowledge will allow him to find the associations that will benefit most from our partnership and bring them to our team as new clients.

Bob Florian is our Director of IT, responsible for Planstone's infrastructure, integrations, security, and All Things IT. Bob's knowledge guides both our team and our client IT teams. His relationships with and understanding of all vendors in our industry is a benefit to all of our clients. Bob is celebrating 10 years with Planstone this year.

Jennifer Richardson is our Product Manager, she works with our clients in successfully launching 100+ abstract calls and speaker portals each year. She is a wealth of information to our staff and our clients as well as the vehicle for communicating our client needs to IT for future features. Jennifer just celebrated her 14 year anniversary with Planstone.

Laura Gargaro has been with Planstone, as an Account Manager since April 2013. She is super organized and an effective planner. Laura enjoys working closely with her client partners and building long-lasting relationships. Laura brought project management to Planstone and created our first scalable management process.

Mark Chenoweth is Planstone's special projects IT member. Mark is able to zero in on key software improvement projects. Mark joining the team 8 years ago has taken our software to the next level.

Allyson began her career at Planstone as an Assistant Account Manager, transitioning quickly to the position of Account Manager. Allyson brings with her experience from a stand alone association and a love of working with technology. Since May of 2021, Allyson has jumped right in and  is learning each and every day. She is a pleasure to work with and gets the job done.

Carly Angolia joins our team as our Charleston, SC Account Manager. Carly joins us with 5 years of experience working at a large stand alone association. She was once a Planstone client, using the software daily.

Dawn Soukup is responsible for new business development and client happiness. For almost 30 years (yikes!), Dawn has worked in the association management industry. Marrying Planstone's founder has provided her with excellent job security.

Dan Soukup is the key architect of the software and founder of the company. His vision for the software as a result of listening to his clients' needs is the reason for Planstone's success. Dan continues to guide the company and the software development even though he would rather be scuba diving or sailing.